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Kevin Samuelson

Kevin Samuelson

Soma Somasundaram 646 A5994 800x800

Soma Somasundaram

Mari Cross CCO 800x800

Mari Cross

EVP, Chief Customer Officer
Frank Resink 06 72dpi 800x800

Frank Resink

EVP of Global Professional Services & Strategy
Kelly Buchanan portrait image gd 800x800

Kelly Buchanan

Massimo Capoccia BW 800x800

Massimo Capoccia

Chief Innovation Officer
ZQ Abk Bzg Sharon Sulc 800x800

Sharon Sulc

Wolfgang Kobek SW Portrait infor 800x800px

Wolfgang Kobek

EVP and General Manager for International Business
Ed Allen Leadership Images 800x800

Ed Allen

EVP & General Manager of Discrete Manufacturing Industries
Eric Ryerson Leadership Images 800x800

Eric Ryerson

EVP & General Manager of Process & Distribution
Stewart Applbaum Leadership Images 800x800

Stewart Applbaum

EVP & General Manager of Infor Compass
Matt Breslin Leadership Images 800x800

Matt Breslin

Executive Vice President, Global Sales
Jason Chapman portrait 800x800

Jason Chapman

SVP, Commercial Strategy & Operations
Matt Flamini exec bio 800x800

Matt Flamini

Andre Hylton Leadership Image BW800x800

Andre Hylton

General Counsel
Ben Perry portrait image 800x800

Ben Perry

Chief Human Resources Officer