Speed and accuracy: The promise
of Infor PCM

Extend the full power of configure-price-quote (CPQ) technology to your sales force, partners, and distributors with Infor Product Configuration Management (PCM). With this visual, easy-to-use solution, you’ll have one product vision—from order to delivery. You’ll have the tools to rise above the competition in a variety of complex manufacturing industries, from doors and windows to specialty vehicles and medical devices.

Because Infor PCM helps you produce higher quality products and make the buying process more enjoyable, you’ll be positioned to become the "go-to" company for your
network—which can help your extended sales team increase customer satisfaction and boost profits.


Gartner video: Impact of Customization on Manufacturing

Research director Nigel Montgomery and Overhead Door's Paul Lehmann discuss how new customer expectations are making personalization a necessity.

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Specialized by industry

Infor PCM delivers industry-specific functionality for manufacturers and distributors of custom products, including:

Aerospace maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO)
Quickly refurbish or produce custom parts for commercial airlines, smaller regional airlines, charter companies, military organizations, and private and business aircraft owners.

Agricultural equipment (link tbd)
Better manage seasonal demand, international competition, and material costs to give your customers the tools for higher crop yields.

Doors and windows
Profitably manage as-promised complexity, while conquering shifts in demand, regional preferences, and the singular challenges of door/window distribution.

Fashion embellishment
Get a handle on your thousands of jewel, embroidery, and fabric combinations—and turn them into a competitive strength.

Counter intense price competition and intense regulation with accuracy and innovation that can help you sell more custom household and office furniture.

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC)
Use product configuration to help alleviate energy consumption and refrigerant regulation challenges, whether you’re an HVAC manufacturer or a distributor.

Medical devices
Use configure-price-quote (CPQ) to be more competitive and successfully navigate your product liability, patent, and IP concerns.

Plastic fabrication
Increase sales, accuracy, and configured product innovations, despite fluctuating crude oil prices and interest rates.

Printing and packaging
Use product configuration management to boost your business, despite declining demand and do-it-yourself alternatives.

Pumps and meters
Perfect your company’s ordering and configuring, while more effectively juggling thousands of flow, diameter, and mounting combinations.

Vehicles—specialty and marine (link tbd)
Cut your costs and increase sales—whether you manufacture fire or rescue vehicles, commercial buses, or marine vehicles.

Infor PCM solutions help you

Extend CPQ to your dealers and distributors—Your entire sales network can generate accurate quotes and proposals that take advantage of 2D and 3D images for faster ordering and customer confirmation.

Increase sales and order add-ons—Use our robust Sales Portal to show all available options, including dealer-specific accessories and services.

Reduce cost-per-order—Eliminate manual entry for sales order details, bills of materials (BOMs) and routings for all potential product combinations.

Improve accuracy and customer satisfaction—Shorten your delivery times and wow customers with customized deliverables.

Differentiate your brand through innovation—With exact technical specs available through a simple click, engineers can focus on creating new product lines.

Quickly turn new hires into product experts—Sales reps use an easy, guided quoting process replete with all technical specifications that quickly bring them up-to-speed.

Accelerate the documentation process—Automatically produce BOMs and instructions, then send them directly into your ERP systems and generate detailed proposals to send to your customers.

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Increase sales, cut costs, and differentiate your brand

Watch this four-minute demo to see Infor PCM in action.

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Best-in-class solutions

Infor Product Configurator

Capture knowledge about your customizable products once, and then share with dealers and your sales force—on any device—to make selection and configuration intuitive and error-free. You can deploy the configurator for a specific function, or across all your applications and computing platforms.

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Infor Sales Portal

See what you’re customizing during quoting and ordering. Enjoy detailed visualization, and abandon sales manuals, spreadsheets, and disparate software. Quickly train new sales people and extend this power visualization to dealers and distributors.

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Infor 2D Design Automation

Bring your highly detailed products to life for customers and enable immediate confirmation of the product, its features, and add-on options. You'll be able to reduce order errors and generate configuration-specific outputs for future use.

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Infor 3D Design Automation

Use 3D CAD technology to automatically generate configuration-specific 3D models, drawings, and manufacturing information. You can accelerate design and delivery, while reducing cost and engineering time.

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Infor Document Automation

Deliver personalized proposals, submittals, and other sales documents with unprecedented ease. Generate personalized documents that include product info and images on demand from virtually any application—on-premise or in the cloud.

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Success stories

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Learn how the wholesale distribution giant uses Infor PCM to increase customer satisfaction and production processes for its 27 locations.

Infor PCM customers


See how industry leaders are achieving greater success using Infor Product Configuration Management.

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