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Larkspur Landing (英文版)

Larkspur Landing, which provides extended-stay accommodations to business travelers, needed to improve existing property management systems, prepare for future CRM applications within the market, and improve the decision-making process—all while retaining integrity in guest service and financial results. With Infor Hospitality Business, Larkspur reduced the time it takes to check guests in and out, allowing employees to spend more time interacting with them. The company also decreased response time for issues, simplified training for high-turnover departments, improved reporting, and streamlined operations.


Longboat Key Club & Resort (英文版)

Longboat Key Club & Resort, a 410-acre beachfront resort and private club, implemented Infor F9 in less than a week. The company needed to reduce cumbersome paper reports, combine budget forecast reports with actual number reports, and provide real-time financial reports to department heads. Longboat has benefited from paperless reports, enhanced financial visibility and data quality, and efficient financial reporting without extensive time spent by accounting staff.


Valley View Casino & Hotel (英文版)

Using Infor PM, Infor PM Application Studio, and Infor FMS Infinium, the gaming establishment slashed its budgeting time in half, automated much of the budgeting process while improving reliability, and used the time saved to devote to more strategic value-add activities. Finance department staff are also happier and more productive.


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