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Carlton Taylor Industries (英文版)

Carlton Taylor Industries expects to achieve significant cost savings through integration, efficiency and productivity improvements through its implementation of Infor ERP Business (SyteLine).


Chicago Tube & Iron (英文版)

The distributor and manufacturer of a wide range of items that include pipes, tubing, valves, bars, and fittings implemented Infor FMS SunSystems within an aggressive three-week schedule with the help of Infor Consulting Services. The company even closed its fiscal year-end without a parallel system running after seeing how successful the monthly close performed. Preparation time for monthly reporting dropped 40% in just initial attempts, and ad hoc reporting now takes a few hours instead of a day or two.


Governair (英文版)

After implementing Infor ERP Business (SyteLine), Governair has grown its business from $21 million to $35 million in just two years, with plans to reach $50 million soon. The manufacturer of HVAC systems for commercial and industrial use has integrated its disparate systems and provided real-time visibility into all its operational processes, increasing productivity, improving decision-making, accelerating time to market, and boosting customer satisfaction and loyalty.


HKL Baumaschinen GmbH (英文版)

With around 30,000 machines from mini-diggers, to bulldozers and other heavy vehicles, through to building equipment such as caulking hammers and fences, HKL is the first stop for builders, artisans, industry and communities in Germany. HKL has implemented latest version of the Baan solutions, Infor ERP Enterprise (LN). “Compared to its predecessor, this software has undergone major expansion and already meets our requirements in terms of service, administration, purchasing and finance to such a degree that we will only need to make minor changes.


Koch Equipment (英文版)

A full-line manufacturer of equipment for meat production, food processing, packaging, and labeling used Infor ERP XA for CRM to study sales trends and learn more about its customers, enabling the company to seek new opportunities in the marketplace.


L & H Industrial (英文版)

L&H is a leading after-market supplier in the mining industry—a world-class rebuilder of heavy mining equipment and engineer, design, and manufacture alternative replacement parts for the surface mining industry. The company sought to enable concurrent scheduling, gain better control of operations processes, and replace their existing ERP solution with one that could support growth in sales. With the implementation of Infor™ ERP Express (VISUAL), L&H experienced a 30% increase in throughput when acquiring another job shop, enabled sales coordinators to increase the amount of business they were handling from about $2 million to $10 million each, and decreased overhead while increasing sales.


Moba (英文版)

Moba is the world’s largest egg grading, packaging and processing manufacturer. Besides the factory in Barneveld, in the Netherlands, holding 380 employees, Moba has factories in the United States of America (Farmington Hills) and China. Moba aspires to be innovative and progressive, and thereby aims to pursue the lean manufacturing principle. This aspiration has lead to implement a new IT system that is more efficient on several fronts. The need for change was rooted in inefficient workings of the warehouse, that prior to this change formed a great bottleneck. Read more to see why Moba has selected Infor ERP Enterprise (LN).


PAMA (英文版)

Two things were particularly important to PAMA: deep functional capability, especially in the area of order management, and the ability to support PAMA’s various clients in international markets. In both these areas, Infor ERP Enterprise (LN) came out strongly.


PCMC (英文版)

A leading manufacturer of converting machinery for the specialized paper industry replaced the legacy SAP application with Infor ERP XA to meet growing customer demands and implement streamlined, effective business processes—resulting in accelerated time to market and reduced operating costs.


UPCO Inc. (英文版)

A leading US manufacturer of “downhole” oil field equipment chose Infor ERP VISUAL's scheduling and planning software to enable its plant to run more efficiently and take on far more work. Both work in progress and manufacturing lead time decreased 50 percent while productivity rose from $65-$70 to $147 per man-hour.


Zicom (英文版)

Find out how Zicom Group, a leading manufacturer of marine deck machinery, fluid regulating and metering stations, and more, reduced the number of manual steps in individual business processes and slashed the time involved in business processes by 50% or more with Infor ERP Enterprise (LN).


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